Strategize before you start designing

The design industry has been growing fast in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Many people have been in the hunt for great designers, and there are many of them. One may able to balanced space while another can bring out spectacular design.

Everyone out there fantasizes to have their so-called “Dream Home, Running an amazing F&B business, Have a product that sells well, etc".

But it all started with the initial beginning :


Why do you open up another business ?

Why do you want to renovate your house / office ?

Why do you want to change your brand image ?

Why do you want to sell your product ?

the essence of everything, WHY.

startup clarity

More than anything, it is finding the purpose.

This is part of strategy for you, which is to understand yourself your mission, your ambition, your goals, in order to gain clarity. Without clarity, everything is a mixed-up with uncertainty

(The business you started might revert / you tied-up with tons of selection that cause you spends more money to redo your house/business as an example).

Strategy helps you to rethink countless possibilities & trend ahead in order to find one clarity of WHY. Think on where do you stand in these crowded places and how can you craft things mainly just for you.

It is all in order to align with your personalities, your brand identity and message which then translated in the design process to create spatial experience.

One tip, ask yourself WHY.


Co+in Collaborative Lab is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Jakarta, Indonesia .

Co+in Collaborative Lab is a boutique-sized Interior Architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia . Our practice root in the conceptualization of design, one that caters the essence of individuals or brand.

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