How to : Design your unique Interior Design Concept

Planning to design a space ?

Designing a spaces might looks simple and easy, but there is a process to that, and we will share that very important first process.

Co+in Collaborative Lab is a boutique-sized Interior Architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia . Our practice root in the conceptualization of design, one that caters the essence of individuals or brand.

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Defining Concept & Style

  1. The very first step you have to do is to define your style, it is the most fundamental things to do because this will alter the look and experience of a space. So how do we define a concept & style? Concept & Style is what makes you or your brand “Unique” , it should reflect your hobbies, things you love, and you & your brand story.

To make it easier to digest, we will share some of our projects for studies.

CASE 01//

Hideout :/ a secret place where someone can go when they do not want to be found by other people .

The concept created from what the owners loved. They loved scandinavian style because it is simple and homey and wants to bring that to their new home. Combined with the adventures side of personalities and activities, we curated a home as if it is their special hidden island.



CASE 02//

Noun :/ Meaning may vary depending on the each words. Thus it is described with formless / deform.

This experimental project took the name Noun and elaborate that in the forms of Coffee Shop. Taking the inconsistency of formless, we took noun as random collections of form, shape, and object, sharing its unique brand statement and identity for customer experience.

Enjoy your day!


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