Dos & Don'ts : Helpful Guide on Reinforcing Your Brand

Starting your business is very easy today, especially with social media.

So you have this amazing idea of a business that you think will sell, and your product should be the most important aspect in your business.

Then, competitors come, doing similar things as you. Unless your brand is known for its history, your market can easily switch preference from one to another.

What sells today?

Is it merely just the product, or the story and the message of the brand?

Take Louis Vuitton as an example, Louis Vuitton get it. They understand how to market their brand, convey their brand personality and identity so people understand and willing to pay the price to buy them not only because of the product but for the pleasure of owning the brand.


How about reinforcing your brand through Interior Design?

The most common example that everyone acknowledges is Apple Store. They get it on how the interior experience could be a deal breaker for customers, and it is not just about good design. What they offer is spatial experience and their brand personality to the interior space so that people remember and love the product not just by hearing their message, but also experiencing them at the same time.


While online stores are great for business, offline stores help to increase brand awareness and create a stronger connection with the customers.

In today society, more and more people are opting for convenience with the Online store feature to save all the hours of having to go to the physical store.

Hence, not a few retail have switched over completely to Online store, especially. A great retail experience is something that still engages customers

Having a physical store is expensive, you will want to get it right in one shot rather than wasting your money on unnecessary things.


Talking about things to Dos & Don’ts for your brand when you choose to have an offline store.


  1. Introduce your Brand Identity and Personality to your Spaces

    In order for customers to love your brands, they have to get to know your brand first and foremost. Avoid having a space that totally has different personalities with your brand.

  2. Identify the Market and Trends

    What currently is on trends and people love? From colors selection, materials, shape, everything matters, especially in social media where nowadays business are affected by it. When people love your space, they will promote it for free.

  3. Research on Location and surroundings

    Your business location also needs to be considered when you are designing an offline store. Take note of your surrounding and how it will affect your target and expectation. Your surroundings can help your space to stand out.

  4. Craft curated story for your space

    Customers care about your product but depending on your space, it will be able to attract or turn off your customers.

  5. Bring spatial journey experience for customers

    Customer are buying the experience, not just the product.


  1. Spend your money only for function

    Stop thinking you just need a table and a chair to sell your product, start crafting interesting spaces that attract people to get to know your brand.

  2. Overdo your space

    Understand very well about your brand and what necessary.

  3. Hide your brand personalities

    From colors selection, through material application and forms, think about the whole concept looks of the brand image. Be consistent with the messages.

  4. Not thinking of a concept for customer experience

    When your store is not appealing, why would customers come to your store when it is more convenient to buy it online and save all the hustle?

  5. Budgeting too low

    You want to sell your product to get as much as profit as possible, it is fair enough to spend on thing that will improve your brand.

Co+in Collaborative Lab is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Jakarta, Indonesia .

Co+in Collaborative Lab is a boutique-sized Interior Architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia . Our practice root in the conceptualization of design, one that caters the essence of individuals or brand.

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