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In previous post, we talked about style. Now, we are going to enlighten the most common question. We all have that moment of wonder regarding the difference between Interior Decorator and Interior Designer. That moment turns to struggle at some point when you are in need of decision of finding the one that helps to solve your issue.

What divine one profession and what differs each other?



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Interior Decorator is someone who works with space planning, colors, materials, furniture, arts, aesthetic related space but limited to construction works. They thinks more towards aesthetic look on space, creating concepts, and crafting stunning look of the spaces. While some of Interior Decorator did went for studies to gain certificate, not a few are self-taught with their strong design taste on background.



Interior Designer on the other hand, is someone who trained years on studies, gaining certificate, understanding and learning spatial element, basic measurement, space planning, concept, material knowledge, drawings, problem solving, and tons other.

Instead of only thinking the aesthetic, Interior designer are more a problem solver. We help to solve client problem with spaces, where we crafting concept, hack walls, space planning, critical thinking & problem solving, customize furniture to fit the space, communicate with contractors, artist, suppliers to make sure everything goes according to plan, and lastly give some makeup to the space to make it look pretty.

Basically, Interior Designer fine-tune everything for you, more than the aesthetic.

Aesop Emporium Melbourne

Aesop Emporium Melbourne

Thinking Design Office

Thinking Design Office


At the end, it is totally your choice on who to hire, whether you only need to freshen up the look of your house, or you need someone to solve your problem with space. As for Commercial & Retail Business, Interior Designer is way to go because you will need to tailored your space to caters your need!

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